Recently I had a reason to contemplate upon the necessity to listen when your body tries to tell you something.
I was taking off from a snowy mountain, with nil wind conditions. After I had pulled up the wing, there was something feeling not "quite right". But since I could not make out anything wrong and due to the nil wind had to run quite fast, I overrode the wrong feeling and took off anyway.
Once in the air I felt that the wing wanted to turn left, but was at first unable to find out why. Only a second careful inspection showed me that the Cs and D's had become entwined and were thus braking the left side.
I tried to get out the knot with some line pulling, but as it did not come out and I did not feel that my flying was so severely impaired that the situation warranted a full-stall, I simply flew into open air and landed on the biggest open field available, as to minimize the number of turns I had to make. The landing was uneventful, so no real damage done.

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